As a photographer I have always been fascinated by other lands. Los Angeles is and always has been my home, but I feel like there are pieces of me scattered all over the world, in any city I have spent time. Better yet, I feel that pieces of those cities make up the man I am today. 

There are many things that I find fascinating about cities: The visual image of human versus element, the streets, the architecture and the fact that no two cities are exactly the same. It is this individual character and unique feeling that each invokes in me that leads me to explore and create within their walls, and has also inspired this collection of wall coverings.  Each design in the PAULpaper collection is constructed from an image that I have shot in a particular city and is structured to intertwine exterior elements within an interior space. Whether used as an accent or an overall theme, this collection was designed as a unique way to incorporate art and textiles.